our story

In January 2017, Ijeoma Ejimadu, founded Ivery Arie with the sole purpose of empowering African women globally. Heavy influenced by the women in her life and 6 years in living in Nigeria, Ijeoma sought to address the gaps that existed in the African women community – inaccurate representation of African women and the limited support for African female entrepreneurs. Ivery Arie initially launched as a blog, highlighting the vast stories and experiences of African women all over the world – the good, bad and the ugly – giving a more accurate representation of who the African woman really is. In addition, many women were provided with resources needed to help her excel in her professional life. Shortly after, Ivery Arie: The Experience (the annual Ivery Arie conference), was launched in 2018 to educate women in business/careers and allow women to network.

The organization now aims to address Africa’s entrepreneurial problems starting with its most ambitious yet unserved population - women. Through authentic storytelling and digital content, Ivery Arie exists to provide African women with the mentorship, resources, and education they need to thrive as entrepreneurs. Ivery Arie is working towards a world where women are at the center of the African economy and barriers to accessing business resources are eliminated so everyone can fully participate and contribute to the economy.