Empowering African Female Entrepreneurs

Addressing Africa’s entrepreneurial problems starting with its most ambitious yet unserved population - women.

what is the problem?

limited access to funding

While African women make up 58% of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, The World Bank estimates there is a $42 billion financing gap with over 75% of them being financially excluded.

limited network & advisors

There is a gap in advanced guidance for female entrepreneurs. African women are driven but need advice and professional networks to scale their operations and increase revenue.

educational tools & resources

While eager to learn, there are limited sources where African women can gain  basic knowledge of running and scaling a business - accounting, pitching, marketing and fundraising.

what is our solution?

Ivery Arie envisions a world where women are at the center of the African economy and barriers to accessing business resources are eliminated. This allows everyone to fully participate and contribute to the global economy.

access to money

We fund and share funding resources to African female entrepreneurs to scale their businesses.

community development 

We encourage knowledge sharing through mentorship and networking programs focused on education and equitable development.

educational tools & resources

We provide access to tech-enabled tools, content and resources to help African female entrepreneurs reach their full potential

how can you get involved?


Your individual donation to Ivery Arie allows African female entrepreneurs to advance their businesses, learn new skills, and accelerate their growth and success.

partner with us

Becoming a corporate partner with Ivery Arie is a direct and rewarding way to make measurable impact that promotes equitable economic development of African female entrepreneurs.


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